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What jobs can a NEBOSH certificate get you?

What is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH stands for National Educational Board in Occupational Safety and Health. It is an independent organisation offering vocational qualifications in health, safety and environmental management. NEBOSH don’t run courses themselves; they leave that to experts like us.

What is the NEBOSH Certificate?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is considered the standard of health and safety qualifications. It is respected by employers across industries, and is designed to equip employees with the necessary skills to create a safer workplace.

It’s for this reason that more than 200,000 people in the UK currently hold a NEBOSH Certificate.

The General Certificate is an evolving qualification, too. NEBOSH recently introduced an updated syllabus, reflecting the way occupational health and safety has changed – and will continue to do so – in the years ahead.

Who should study the NEBOSH certificate?

A helpful overview of the essential components of occupational health and safety is offered through the NEBOSH General Certificate course. After completing the programme, candidates will be in a better position to properly manage workplace hazards.
Thousands of top professionals and organisations were consulted by NEBOSH when developing and revising the certificate curriculum. It is applicable to every industry and reflects the requirements of various companies.
The NGC course is appropriate for managers, supervisors, and anybody with responsibility for health and safety management. Because of this, it serves as the ideal starting point for anyone interested in a career in health and safety.

How NEBOSH can help you develop your career

When hiring for health and safety positions, 87 percent of UK businesses request a NEBOSH certificate, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The more advanced NEBOSH diploma, which is a degree-level certificate, is often pursued by individuals who achieve a NEBOSH qualification early in their health and safety career.

What jobs can you get with a NEBOSH certificate?

NEBOSH certificate holders may want to progress their career by taking one of the following jobs:

• Health and Safety Officer

• Health and Safety Advisor

• Health and Safety Auditor

• Health and Safety Co-ordinator

• Health and Safety Executive

• Health and Safety Manager

• Environment, Health and Safety Manager

NEBOSH requested on job vacancies

A NEBOSH Certificate is now reportedly required for approximately 51% of job openings in the health and safety industry, up from 45% the year before. By 2021, this number is anticipated to increase, making it even more important for candidates to possess the necessary education.

NEBOSH Diplomas bring higher salaries

A research called the Jobs Barometer is released by NEBOSH. According to this study, a professional credential can have a significant impact on a health and safety expert’s predicted compensation.

For example, employees needed to have a NEBOSH Diploma make an average salary of £49,000, which is 16% more than those in positions where the Diploma is not required.     

Visit our NEBOSH training section if you’re interested in taking one of our NEBOSH Certificate or Diploma courses.



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