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What will be covered in the NEBOSH General Certificate Course?

What will be covered in the NEBOSH General Certificate Course

The NEBOSH General Certificate will cover the basics of health and safety, such as exploring the ethical, legal, and financial justifications for offering staff members health and safety training, as well as developing and fostering a supportive culture of health and safety inside the organisation. The NEBOSH General Certificate is appropriate for both managers and employees because it will give everyone who enrols and commits to the learning a thorough understanding of health and safety issues and how to work in a way that greatly reduces the likelihood that they or others nearby will suffer harm.

Keeping employees secure and unharmed serves management’s interests in addition to the moral ones. In addition to avoiding possible financial consequences from penalties assessed for certain health and safety violations, they can cut expenditures that would otherwise be incurred as a result of one or more of the following:

1) Compensation claims from workers who get ill or injured while doing work-related duties when management was negligent or when all reasonably reasonable precautions were not taken.

2) Employees who need time off due to a work-related sickness or accident will not only earn sick pay while they are away from their jobs but may also require the company to hire temporary replacements in order to maintain the same level of output or customer service. As a result, the business will have to pay two wages rather than one for everyone who is absent from work and has to be temporarily filled in.

3) There will be recruitment costs associated with finding and hiring the temporary workers who are brought in as cover, as well as an increase in training costs since they will all need to be trained in how to do the job as well as health and safety training for themselves in order to stay safe in what will be an unfamiliar workplace.

4) Businesses that have a reputation for being hazardous places to work are frequently the target of demonstrations, bad press, and even boycotts of their goods or services. Thanks to the growth of immediate social media communications, this may take place over an astonishingly short amount of time. If the result is a significant decline in sales income, some businesses may even be forced to shut.


The NEBOSH General Certificate qualification’s comprehensive nature makes it appropriate for both managers and employees to take, and it will give both groups a wealth of practical knowledge on establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for everyone.

The syllabus will explain the duties of both employers and employees in regards to establishing a safe workplace and reducing the likelihood of an accident or occupational sickness to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable.

The NEBOSH General Certificate course is appropriate for everyone, unlike higher-level certifications like the NEBOSH National Diploma, a degree-level award that requires people studying to already have a specific level of health and safety expertise. This includes those who have never received health and safety training before or who have never had a job involving health and safety.

Even so, the course still covers a lot of material, some of which is fairly technical and in-depth, such as laws and necessary procedures. Before enrolling in the NEBOSH General Certificate, some students who have no prior training prefer to take a lower academic level course like an IOSH Working Safely or IOSH Managing Safely, but this is not strictly required as all of the information needed for the assessments will be taught by the tutor during the course (although there will still be a significant element of self-study and private reading required).

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