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NEBOSH FAQ’s- II (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, UK)

What is NEBOSH/What does NEBOSH stand for?

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is known by the initials NEBOSH. An international safety organisation with its headquarters in the UK and a reputation for producing highly regarded, accredited safety courses was established there in 1979. 5 Awards, 12 Certificates, 4 Diplomas, and 2 Masters are among the NEBOSH Courses’ offerings.

Is the NEBOSH marking system easier for the OBE pattern?

Since NEBOSH courses are regarded as the gold standard for safety courses, the marking procedure has not changed despite the shift in exam format because NEBOSH always maintains a rigorous correction (from traditional paper-based examinations to open book exams). See the following link for more details.

Are NEBOSH qualifications graded?

Yes. On a scale of PASS/CREDIT/DISTINCTION, it is assessed. Students are graded on each of the numerous units that make up NEBOSH credentials. The grades for these units are combined together to determine the grade when all of the units in a qualification are successfully completed and fulfil the pass criteria. Each grade has a different point need depending on the certification.

Is e-learning available for NEBOSH IGC?

Yes. E-learn option is available for NEBOSH IGC. For more details, call and get advice from your learning partner

What is the validity of NEBOSH courses?

NEBOSH courses are valid throughout life.

Is NEBOSH hard to pass?

Choosing the correct learning partner and allocating a good amount of time for self-study will help you pass your NEBOSH studies successfully.

Is NEBOSH a good qualification?

One of the most significant credentials in the safety field, NEBOSH is a respected, professional, and highly qualified degree that is recognised by employers in the world’s leading industries.

Can an employer get another NEBOSH qualification certificate for their employees’ for their reference?

No, it cannot be issued, and even if it could, the original would still be deemed invalid because only one copy of a certificate can be granted. The price of a replacement certificate is also listed under “Learners fees list” on the NEBOSH website.



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