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Definition of Fire:

Fire is a rapid chemical oxidation reaction that gives heat and light and is followed by smoke and fumes. E.g. candle flame, burner, etc.


Fire Triangle and its Elements:

It has been seen that for combustion to occur three factors are essential; heat, oxygen (or air), and a combustible substance (or fuel). Fire or combustion will continue as long as these three factors are present. Removal of one of them leads to the collapse of the triangle and the combustion process stops.


To catch fire oxygen is available in the air. Fuel is available in solid, liquid, gas, and metal forms. Examples like cotton, wood, petrol, diesel, chemicals, oil, gas etc. Spark or heat is available through the source of ignition. E.g. electric spark, hot work, static electricity, sun heat, smoking cigars, matches, lighter, etc. If any one element is removed then the fire will be extinguished.


Fire Extinguisher

Fire Tetrahedron

The triangle of fire representing three basic constituents of fire is the conventional concept. Fire scientists have now found that there is a fourth constituent in all flaming fires which plays a vital part in the fire growth and sustenance. This is the unbroken or uninhibited chain reaction.

Thus, as per modern concept, the previous figure of the triangle of fire has been transformed into a tetrahedron of fire, each of its four sides representing one of the four basic requirements: fuel, temperature, oxygen, and unbroken or uninhibited chain reaction.

This last factor comes into play only in the flaming mode of combustion which is normally applicable in the case of flammable liquids and gases.


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