Course from:
MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (49, Kherwadi, Aliyawer Jung Marg, Mumbai – 400 051)


One Year


Full Time


Diploma In Engineering Or Technology of MSBTE Or its Equivalent or Degree in Engineering or Technology Or Any Science Graduate Or Any Graduate with 40 % Marks.

Justification: Any Diploma / Any Graduate:

As the syllabus also contains topics from Industrial Safety & Security Management, hence the person working with these qualification will be mostly placed at office job or at administrative job where he will have to take care of administration of Industrial Safety, Fire Safety and Security Management as most semi medium organization keep this three department under one head so as to reduced overhead expenses. Therefore for eligibility to this course under the head “any diploma / any graduate” is justified for eligibility


There are total 9 subjects/practical’s that you have to study/ perform in one year Different subjects related to industrial Safety and security management are as follows. 

Subjects Title Theory/Practical
Fire Service Equipment And Appliances
Security Management
Security Acts And Laws
Industrial Safety Management
Industrial Safety Acts & Laws
Project Works
Practical – I Fire Fighting Drills
Practical – II Fire Service Equipment
Practical – III Rescue Technique

Subject Name: Fire Service Equipments & Appliances

Reference Book:

  • Manual of Firemanship Part-II (HMSO)
  • Manual of Firemanship Book-V (HMSO)
  • Fire Fighting Vechicles : 1840-1950
  • Fire and Crash Vehicles from 1950
  • Fire Fighting Apparatus and Procedures by Erven.
  • Fire Company Apparetus & Procedures by Erven.
  • IS 948, 950, 6067, 951, 942, 943, 944

Syllabus of he Subject

Chapter Content


1.1 Study of various types of fire fighting extinguishers
1.2 Study of IS specifications - Water type, foam, CO2, DCP, HALON
1.3 Testing of extinguishers
1.4 Inspection and maintenance.


2.1 Introduction-General characteristics of delivery and suction hose
2.2 Study of I.S. specification on control percolating hose, Rubber lined or
re-enforced fabric lined woven jacket hose and unlined hose.
2.3 Care and maintenance of suction and delivery hose and their testing.


3.1 Description, use & maintenance of Couplings, Adapters, Branches,
Nozzles, breeching, Collecting head, Ramps.
3.2 Special type of branch and nozzles.
3.3 Branch holders, and Radial branches.
3.4 Monitor- portable and fixed.
3.5 Study of Indian standard specification of fittings


4.1 Material used.
4.2 Construction.
4.3 Types and testing of ropes, 4.4causes of deterioration.
4.5 Terminology used in fire service.
4.6 Synthetic fibers and steel wire ropes.


B.A. Set:
5.1 Types of set. Atmospheric and self contained
5.2 Theory of respiration
5.3 Essential features of B.A. sets.
5.4 Various parts of B.A. set and their function.
5.5 Sequence of wearing. Operational use. Recharging, testing,
maintenance, advantages and disadvantages of different sets.
5.6 Liquid air set.
5.7 Working duration and principle of calculating working duration.
5.8 Donning,
5.9 Pre entry tests,
5.10 Low and high pressure tests,
5.11 Working in hot and humid atmosphere,
5.12 Study of associated equipments.


6.1 Types of foam.
6.2 Characteristics of fire fighting foam and its storage.
6.3 Foam equipment- round the pump proportioned, inline inductor, pick
up tube, foam making branches, Knap sack tank, multiple jet inductor,
and their function, operational use.
6.4 Mechanical foam generator, foam making pumps, foam maker,
variable inductor, high expansion foam generator.


Small Gears:
7.1 Introduction to small gears, lighting equipment's and other tools used in
fire service, its use, care and maintenance.
7.2 Special gears- Study of hydraulic rescue equipment's, cutting gears and
other rescue apparatus.
7.3 Lifting equipment's- Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic jacks, pulley
and blocks, air bags.
7.4 Electric power tools and oxy-propane cutting set,
7.5 protective clothing’s.
7.6 blower and exhauster.
7.7 Study of Indian specification of Fireman Axe and Fire hook.
7.8 Demonstration of various special and small gears.


8.1 Types of hydrants.
8.2 Standard of fire hydrants.
8.3 Description of Sluice valve, Pillar, Screw down type hydrant.
8.4 Hydrant gears, operation, inspection and testing. 8.5 Water mains.
8.6 water hammer,
8.7 hydrant spacing,
8.8 pressure flow test, out fit and its description.
8.9 Study of Indian standard specification for stand pipe and sluice valve
8.10 Code of practice for installation of hydrants.


9.1 Development of ladders,
9.2 Important provisions from I.S.S. of extension ladder,
9.3 Constructional features of various types, their parts, operational use,
care and maintenance, standard and acceptance tests.
9.4 Turn table ladder and Hydraulic platform: - Terminology, construction,
their function, safety devices, sitting of appliances, operational use,
standard tests and maintenance.


10.1 Construction and layout of fire fighting vehicles and appliances.
10.2 Basic knowledge of appliances with reference to IS specification like:Hose Laying Lorry, Foam and Crash Tender, Dry Powder Tender,
Emergency Tender, Mobile Control Van, Break down Van, Water
Tender Type A, B, and X, Fire Boats, Trailer pump, Portable pump,
Carbon dioxide Tender.

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