Course from:
MAHARASHTRA STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (49, Kherwadi, Aliyawer Jung Marg, Mumbai – 400 051)


One Year


Full Time


Diploma In Engineering Or Technology of MSBTE Or its Equivalent or Degree in Engineering or Technology Or Any Science Graduate Or Any Graduate with 40 % Marks.

Justification: Any Diploma / Any Graduate:

As the syllabus also contains topics from Industrial Safety & Security Management, hence the person working with these qualification will be mostly placed at office job or at administrative job where he will have to take care of administration of Industrial Safety, Fire Safety and Security Management as most semi medium organization keep this three department under one head so as to reduced overhead expenses. Therefore for eligibility to this course under the head “any diploma / any graduate” is justified for eligibility


There are total 9 subjects/practical’s that you have to study/ perform in one year Different subjects related to industrial Safety and security management are as follows. 

Subjects Title Theory/Practical
Fire Service Equipment And Appliances
Security Management
Security Acts And Laws
Industrial Safety Management
Industrial Safety Acts & Laws
Project Works
Practical – I Fire Fighting Drills
Practical – II Fire Service Equipment
Practical – III Rescue Technique

Subject Name: Security Management

Reference Book:

  • Factory Act 1948.
  • Security Management and Services
  • First Aid to the Injured by St. John Ambulance Association
  • Hand Book of Industrial Fire Protection and Security
  • Code of Practice for Hazardous Goods by NFPA
  • Hand Book of Fire Protection by NFPA


Chapter Content

Types of Security
Personal Security, Security of personnel – Subversion-Subversive,
Security of information, Security of material – Sabotage – Saboteur their
plan and action, Physical and Non-Physical Security.


Industrial Security Factory internal and external security, Inflammable tankers/trucks
checking procedure, materials/goods- Inward and outward, patrolling duty,
communication and liaison with concerned departments, housekeeping
check, Industrial safety procedure, work permit system, Unsafe act and
unsafe conditions, Industrial Accidents, Disaster Management,
Responsibility in case of Emergencies (Fire, Explosion, Toxic or Poison
gas release), Emergency plan and mock drill, Chemical material safety
data sheet, Security arrangement for Factory VIP visits,


First Aid:
4.1 First aid and Ambulance aid.
4.2 Fire incidents and range of casualties
4.3 Wounds and it’s First aid, Bleeding and it’s First aid. Shock and it’s
First aid, Burns & its First aid.
4.4 Unconsciousness.
4.5 Heat and cold injuries and its First aid
4.6 Fracture , Joints injuries , and First aid
4.7 Snake bite, Insect bite, Dog bite, and its first aid.
4.8 Chemical disaster and casualty service.
4.9 Respiratory system and artificial respiration
4.10 Stretcher and casualty handling.
4.11 Triangular Bandages and their uses, roller bandage, and its use
4.12 Rescue drill: Picking up, lowering and carrying insensible persons.
4.13 Lines rescue.
5) Resuscitation
5.1 Vital function – Different methods of manual resuscitation, their
advantages and disadvantages

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