Chief Managing Director- Mr. Nandkishor S. Mandavkar

Mr. Nandkishor S. Mandavkar

Chief Managing Director

Ex- Indian Air Force Officer
Gold Medalist Fire Safety Officer (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi)
Chairman of: Disaster Management Federation Pune Maharashtra
Member of: Fire Safety Association Aurangabad & National Safety Council
Secretary of: K. Nagraj Baba Charitable (Rugnseva) Trust


Master of Industrial Relation and Personnel management
Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
Bachelor of Art
Course in Sub Officer (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi)
Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
Diploma in Fire Engineering Technology
Diploma in Health Safety and Environment Management

Dear Students,


Hello and welcome to Fire & Industrial Safety Management college. Thank you for your interest in our college. I hope you will find it to be inspiring and informative.

Our Mission to Develop the student through practical and professional education specialized skills, broad vision, and mission on the fast track of higher technology.

It gives us immense pleasure in presenting Fire & Industrial Safety Management before you as a premier Institution in the country set up to provide education in the areas of Fire Engineering and Safety Management and allied Engineering fields.

Fire & Industrial Safety Management college is an organization that focuses on innovative approaches to Fire & Industrial Safety Engineering. Its purpose is to train people in the field of Fire and Safety and encourage an integrated approach to the reduction of life and property loss from fire by effective educational programs. The college pursues this goal by conducting several courses for the public with extensive practical training.

“Success is achieved by those, who dare to dream and work upon their dreams thus explore the possibilities of the whole world who remain confident and firm about their decision and keep focusing on their goal. You can be one of them if you adopt the above qualities in you”. It is said that if we have solid determination there are a lot of ways to achieve our target. Fire & Industrial Safety Management college is introduced as a way for you like that.

We need you and your support in our capacity that you can give it. our aim is to get success. our college will present strong education support for all the become a sole fire technology as I am confident that all are creation will prove to be a pioneer if you open the door of opportunity for us.

Vatsank Prajapati- Executive Director of PCFSM

Vatsank Prajapati

Executive Director

“Firefighting is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.”

Dear Students,


The PCFSM is a leading organization providing high-quality Assessed, Accredited, and Assured training to the fire, Industrial safety, rescue service, and wider emergency services sector. We have the experience and resources to enable emergency responders at all levels to train with us and to validate learning strategically, tactically, and operationally. We are here to support you and our students as we strive together to improve the safety of firefighters, other emergency responders, and the communities which you serve.

Through working with PCFSM, our vision is to transform the College into a truly world-class training establishment and Centre of Excellence across the fire and wider emergency services sector. I feel honored to have been appointed to steer the College on the next step of its journey and believe passionately in its future. I have no doubt that it can once again be at the heart of the student community it serves, increasing efficiencies and providing a central hub around which we can all collaborate. To find out more about any of the developments taking place at the College, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. (www.pcfsm.org )